The Brand

Leading High-End Jewelry

Djihan Jewelry is a Lebanese based jewelry label founded in 2005 by Jihan Alama and is self-described as a “high-end fashion jewelry collection, composed of part fine and part fashion.” In other words, it’s the new go-to daring and creative jewelry that’s easy to wear day to day with such a statement. The "D" is for 'diamonds' the sole essence of the brand. Djihan opened the first boutique in Downtown Beirut in 2005. In 13 years, the brand established a great deal of customers worldwide from across the Middle East all the way to Hollywood.
Earlier this year, Jihan has recreated her exquisite conceptual experience through her new boutique in Beirut Souks – DJIHAN JOAILLERIE; a prime location in the heart of Beirut City. The boutique represents a selection of her new collections based upon an energetic elite spirit of the brand. You may also have heard of DJIHAN‘s new second line - J.Rock the edgy trendy Silverwear.

Djihan's Jewelry

Djihan is a fine jewelry brand recognized globally for its rare and distinguish creative design made of gold diamonds and gemstone. Djihan has also released her second line J*Rock which is mainly composed of sterling silver, gold plated, leather, stainless steel, brass sapphire and semi-precious stones.

Global Coverage

Djihan has also appeared in several events across the world such as red carpet events held in west Hollywood in 2017 like the golden globe Grammy award and festival de Cannes held in France. A lot of celebrities has been seen wearing the designer jewelry such as Famous singer katty perry… Jihan Alama is the formal wife of well-known super star Lebanese singer “Ragheb Alama”.

Jihane is known to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit specialized for designing and creating unique exquisite fine jewelry pieces.

The world of Djihan includes various new conceptual collections such as: Iconic Cubes, Unlock my heart, Bonbon, Ladybug, Bubble and Mini U.

The Designer

Jihan Alama

A public figure and jewelry designer of 15 years. Jihan is also the wife of Super Star- Ragheb Alama and a mother to 2 boys. Jihan is known to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit specialized for designing and creating unique exquisite fine jewelry pieces. Her signature style was and will always be the 'cubic look'.
Jihan is always fascinated with discovering and participating in global cultural leading events, this characteristic is depicted in her refined detailed work as the creative director of her own brand. Jihan has a great work – life balance as traveling drives her inspiration and innovation. The collections are all created by the simplest and heart-felt things around us. A true entrepreneur following her passion in life. She still has a lot more to give and show the world.

The Boutique

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Bab Idriss , Beirut Souks

Tel: +961 1 971020
Mob: +961 3 779944
Beirut, Lebanon