Socialista, Cairo 27-28-29 March 2021

The challenges of the past 12 months have initiated many opportunities that DJIHAN brand
have responded with determination aiming for new success and continuous stories in the
Mena area.
Lately, being present in Cairo “March 27-28-29”at a Socialista event for the first time after
many years had a great impact on the Founder & Creative lady behind the jewelry brand
Mrs.Jihan Alama who was honored to be part of this event as VIP guest.
The event brought a mix of art and fashion, where the central focus was on the designers
behind the brands.
Showcasing our latest jewelry collections during the event, where clients were amazed by
the creative designs of the brand and it’s inspirational story of each collection the Unlock my
heart, the Iconic Cube, the Bonbon…