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D Collection


Ladybug Collection

This collection is one that could currently be seen as my iconic collection. I decided to undergo some rebranding to my existing brand, because I fell in love with the designs and elegance of the LADYBUG collection. This collection replicates the ladybug’s movement, the so called ‘double D’ design is the lady bug itself, some pieces of the collection have a flexible movement to the wings having the option to put them flat or slightly upright to portray their purpose.

Cube Mirage Collection

My journey in jewelry design began with the cube look and that was my signature in terms of my jewelry pieces. The iconic cube is a new twist on my timeless cube collection with an edgier modernized look and feel to it adding full sets and options to mix and match the collection.

Petra Collection

The name ‘Petra’ is a feminine name derived from the ancient Greek word ‘Peter’, which means ‘stone or rock’. This collection symbolizes strength and confidence in a woman. Those who dare to wear such edgy and bold pieces are ones that show their strength of character, solid as a rock!
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Unlock my Heart Collection

Just as the name suggests. This collection has a beautiful connotation relating to a woman’s heart. The larger locks have a mechanism that can symbolize how you are feeling about your partner and love life. Wearing your lock closed means that you are disappointed for some reason or another. But we always recommend you wear your heart open as a symbol of greater love and appreciation for all that is around you. This is why the mini locks in this collection are forever open in a heart shape to spread love to yourself and the world.